Debating Whether To Replace Furnace With Ductless Heater

Should I Replace My Old Gas Furnace With a Ductless Heater?

November 18, 2022

Determining when to replace your old gas furnace is often a difficult decision. You don’t want to prematurely replace your current system if it still has a few good years left. Watch for these signs that indicate it’s time to install a new heating system in your Lumberton, NJ, home like a ductless heater:

High Energy Bills

Increased utility costs mean your furnace isn’t running efficiently. If your system isn’t functioning correctly, it may be straining too much. Replacing your gas furnace will often save you more money than trying to repair whatever is causing its lack of efficiency.

Excessive Heating Repairs

Outdated furnaces require a lot more repairs and maintenance than a brand-new heating installation. These systems are full of so many worn-out parts that it’s better to invest in a new system, like a single- or multi-zone ductless heater. Consulting with a service technician is the best way to determine if heating repairs can restore your furnace’s efficiency or if you need a new one.

The System’s Age

Gas furnaces have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. You can maximize this by scheduling routine maintenance during the year and calling for professional repairs. It’s best to carefully monitor your furnace once it passes the 10-year mark to ensure it’s still functioning as it should.

Strange Sounds

Abnormal functioning sounds, like humming or rattling, could indicate structural issues in the system. There may be leaks, cracks or other issues worsening just out of sight.

Visible Rust or Corrosion

Rust naturally occurs over time as your furnace ages. It becomes dangerous when it makes its way to important components like the heat exchanger or gas valve.

Our knowledgeable service technicians are here to help you make the right decisions concerning your indoor comfort. Call Comfortworks Cooling and Heating for a high-quality, energy-efficient furnace replacement services you can rely on in Lumberton, NJ.

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