Now, more than ever, we are looking to improve our energy efficiency. Americans are paying more attention to our carbon footprints and we also want to mitigate the skyrocketing costs of home cooling and heating. However, for various reasons, most homeowners feel stuck in their current situation.

Homes that have been previously difficult to update include:

Historic homes: These homes are difficult to renovate and homeowners may not want to risk losing any of the charm that comes with owning an older home, leaving them stuck with inefficient baseboards, radiators, and window AC units.

Townhouses and condos: Restricted by space and HOA regulations, it can be impossible to install large, outdoor condensers for forced-air systems.

Outdated, ducted systems: Ducted systems traditionally have been expensive and difficult to upgrade, and even after making improvements, homeowners are stuck with hot and cold spots throughout the house, achieving limited efficiency.

The Answer? Whole-home Zoning Systems

Thanks to modern advancements in technology, however, owners of all types of properties can achieve total home comfort and reduce their overall energy consumption. These modern systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines, which set forth standards that are even more strict than those outlined by the federal government when it comes to electricity usage. ENERGY STAR appliances virtually guarantee a lifetime cost savings.

One Small Step Towards Savings, One Giant Leap Towards Whole Home Comfort

Overhauling your home cooling and heating system is no small undertaking. There are times, however, when it can make sense to take the leap. Those times include:

Home Renovations: Every home needs to be refreshed from time to time. If your family is tackling a renovation project and you’re bringing your home into the modern era, it’s a perfect time to tackle whole-home zoning.

Upgrading an Obsolete System: All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, older ducted HVAC systems will need to be replaced. Full replacement can be extremely costly, especially when the end result isn’t much more efficient than the original. Instead of replacing a legacy HVAC system with a newer model of the same old thing, consider updating to a multi-room system. They can make use of your legacy ductwork, but the end result will be a far more efficient and far more comfortable system.

Customizable Comfort to Meet Your Needs

Whole-home solutions are completely customizable, because they don’t require ductwork. Instead, you can strategically place indoor units in the home based upon the cooling and heating needs of each room or zone. Those units can be mounted on walls, floors, or on the ceiling. They are connected to the outdoor unit or units with small conduits that are about three inches in diameter. No walls need be torn down, and the units can be carefully placed to blend in to the aesthetics of both the interior and the exterior of the home. They eliminate the logistical and cosmetic challenges that come with a traditional, forced-air system. They also allow you to experience room-by-room comfort.